The “Friends” of St Peter’s is the Parent Teacher Association of St Peter’s School. The “Friends” (FOSP) was formed to support the school in fundraising and awareness campaigns and relies entirely on the generous support and time given by parents and carers of the children of St Peters.

The “Friends” consists of a small committee of elected members: Chair, Secretary & Treasurer but all parents automatically become members of the “Friends”. The group is not defined, and consists of people from all walks of life. Working and non-working, most just come to show support and, where possible, take an active role in any way they can.

What do the Friends do?

Throughout the year there are a number of exciting events organised by the “Friends”. These include social events for the parents along with the traditional Christmas, Easter and celebration activities for the children. Not forgetting events for the whole and extended family.

Other events that we have held include a Barn Dance, Black Tie Ball, Cinema treat day and Quizzes and Curry nights. The “Friends” also plays a very active support role in the numerous fantastic local community events such as the Oxted Carnival and the Tandridge Village Summer Fete – internationally famous for its Egg Throwing competition. “Friends” are always willing contributors where there’s a need for a cake stall or craft activities. The valuable funds that these activities generate all contribute towards the school extras from which all the children ultimately benefit.

Friends logo

2022 – 2023

Chair : Position Vacant
Secretary : Claire Devey and Keren Gatty Saunt
Treasurer : Natalie Allen-Block and Jennie Liddiard

Class Representatives:
Busy Bees: Sara Holledge (Finlay)
Ladybirds: Aimee Byford (Alicia) & Sarah Lewis (Florence S)
Dragonflies: Sally Roberts (Adeline)

Second Hand Uniform Sales :
Jennie Liddiard and Claire Devey

EVERYONE is welcome at all Friends meetings and events and information about these are circulated via email and through the school calendar.

Contact FOSP via email: or by the class reps.